Jaguar Radiant LOC

The Radiant LOC system is a highly sophisticated commercial grade microorganism sanitation unit.  It is designed to offer advanced controlled disinfection of surfaces within a confined space or room. The typical application of this system can be seen in hospitals, laboratories, food process plants and high traffic areas.


System Specifications:

Technical Parameters Specified
Type Portable
Type of Lamp Ultraviolet
Life of Lamp 16,000 Hours Approx.
Number of Lamps Sixteen (16)
Total UVC 4,000 Watt
Door Motion Sensors Yes
Number Of Door Motion Sensors Four (4)
Motion Sensors Infrared Motion Sensors
Shot Down Unit If Motion Is Detected Yes
Wireless Remote Control Yes
Rechargeable Remote Control Yes
Password Setting Protection Yes
Disinfection Documentation Replicated Data Generates Reports to Assist With JCI
Bar Code Scanner Yes (Optional)
Dosage Monitoring Yes
Four Castors Have Locking Brakes Yes
Power Supply 220 VAC / 60 HZ
System Accessories System CoverRemote Control

Remote Dose Meter


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