Phileas 75 Volume And Mobility (Sanitization by H2O2)

It has everything a big one has

With high treatment capacity, Phileas®75 offers an excellent compromise Autonomy / Mobility.

Very compact, it moves easily through its specially designed telescopic handle and 2 wheels to support you in disinfecting with average volumes.

Phileas®75 can be pre-programmed, and runs without requiring the presence of an operator. You can easily et quicly program a diffusion for your team.

It is designed especially for treating medium volumes between 20m3 and 150m3.

Product Description

Volume and Mobility

characteristics : 

  • Easy mobility due to wheels and retracting handle
  • Added diffusion capacity due to its 2 liter (0.53 gallon) container
  • Specifiq liquid usage indicator
  • High diffusion capability appropriate for average size rooms and volumes


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