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Titan-UV Rapid Handheld Surface Sanitizer

Perfect for UV sanitizing of :
Patient beds, countertops, public seating, desks, hand rails, locker rooms, food cutting tables, privacy curtains, sinks, toilets, wheelchairs, work stations, gurneys, nurse stations, rehab equipment and
all other high touch surfaces in just seconds!

The Titan-UV™ packages a multi-patented UVC technology in a versatile, hand-held device designed for rapid and thorough decontamination of surfaces.

The user slowly passes the device closely over the contaminated surface area, allowing the energy from the very high output UVC Emitter to rapidly decontaminate all types of surfaces in as little as 3 seconds. An aluminum safety shield prevents direct exposure to UVC energy, while also adding reflectance that increases the light’s effectiveness.

The Titan-UV™ may be used in any type of residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building to provide a fast-acting, portable method of decontaminating tabletops, walls, countertops, public seating, beds railings and all other surfaces.

Includes our new carrying case :

TITAN-UV™ applications include hospitals, clinics, food processing facilities, cruise ships, homes, schools, restaurants, ambulances, locker rooms and gyms. This device is suitable for a variety of specialized uses, including:

  • Residential and commercial surface sanitizing
  • Food preparation and processing to reduce contamination
  • DNA laboratories to prevent cross-contamination
  • Emergency contamination involving vomit, stool or blood
  • Surface decontamination in hospitals, clinics, nuring homes.
  • Rapid Nurse Station and patient room spot sanitizing
  • Locker room and athletic equipment sanitizing


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