Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, are concerned by the contamination air control, especially because of the presence of sensitive patients in these environments (immuno-compromised people for example) and especially for special units that need particular care in terms of indoor air quality (bone marrow units, neonatal intensive care units, burn units, operating theatres…)

Hospitals have to take special precautions to prevent infections from spreading. Renovation of aging hospitals increases risk of airborne fungal and other infections. Infections as Aspergillosis, Zygomycosis, Fusariosis can occur in this environment and concern mainly immuno-compromised people.

The Coriolis® µ air sampler helps healthcare establishments to prevent and control these nosocomial infections with a faster reaction than with impaction method…
Thanks to the airborne particles collection in a liquid sample, the detection of viruses is now possible as well. For example, in winter time, two viral infections are the cause of 80% of the consultations in French hospitals: the bronchiolitis & the gastro-enteritis. The incriminated germs in these pathologies are respectively the RSV (Respiratory Synticial Virus) and the Rotavirus. The flow of patients, especially children, would improve the viral nosocomial infections apparition and dissemination. The Coriolis µ is currently used for such epidemy monitoring in several French establishments.