BioFlash® Biological Identifier

The BioFlash® pathogen detection platform uses our CANARY® detection technology combined with proprietary aerosol collection techniques to provide a low-risk, cost-effective solution to biological sampling and identification.




Breakthrough Capabilities

Through CANARY® Detection technology, our BioFlash® Biological Identifier provides rapid, sensitive and specific identification of up to 21 biological threat agents and pathogens, including toxins. Our most common discs test for the 6 major threat agents: Anthrax (bacilus anthracis), Black Plague, Botulism, Ricin, Smallpox, and Tuleremia.

The portable design, durability and high-volume, high-performance aerosol sampler of the BioFlash®  enable it to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. You can test the air quality quickly and easily wherever you are.

The BioFlash® can also be configured as a stand-alone device, used in tiered detection architectures to include a trigger and confirmatory sampler, or as an integrated component subsystem. The portable, compact and easy to use BioFlash® Biological Identifier offers breakthrough capabilities in sampling performance.

– Integrated aerosol sampling for high-efficiency sample collection

– Captures particles up to 10 microns in size

– Low operational and maintenance costs

– Proven Technology

– Compact and lightweight design

– Easy to use and decontaminate

– PCR levels of sensitivity and specificity


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