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The CoreControl Cooling Glove provides a safe and legal alternative to using performance-enhancing drugs. In a 2012 study performed at Stanford University, results overwhelmingly indicated that the CoreControl Cooling Glove is just as or more effective than performance-enhancing drugs. Furthermore, not only is this thermoregulatory device legal in all sports, it is also 100% non-invasive when compared with injected drugs. CoreControl is a hand-held device that is used to rapidly extract excess heat from an individual. Developed at Stanford University in Stanford, California over 20 years ago, this device has been and continues to be used by the US military, NFL, NBA, and NHL teams, first responders, and hazardous material teams.





Whether it comes from the environment that surrounds us or from the core of the human body, heat is one of the biggest limiting factors to human performance. Increased internal body temperature can limit one’s ability to perform physical work and impair cognitive function, especially while exercising or working in an extreme environment. Under these circumstances, the body attempts to thermoregulate by diverting large quantities of hot-blood away from the brain and the body’s dynamic muscles to specialized vascular structures under the skin surface for dissipation into the environment. In so doing, there is a lack of blood flow to active muscles and an individual’s ability to continue carrying our activities is impeded.
By naturally lowering a heightened core body temperature and maintaining it at an optimal level for performance, the body has more cooled blood at its disposition, helping to avoid heat-related injuries and mental exhaustion. The CoreControl™ Cooling Glove does this by utilizing specialized blood vessels that are found in the palms of the hands – the body’s radiator – that are designed for thermal exchange. The combined application of a slight vacuum and optimal temperature enhances the natural heat exchange of these radiator structures, cooling a person quickly.

Who uses CoreControl/RTX?

Corecontrol pro is used by elite professional teams such as:

U.S. Olympic Teams:

Industrial users include:

Top Collage Football team

Soccer Teams:

Phoenix Fire Dept Hazmat Team


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