PathSensor navigator

The PathSensors Navigator pathogen identifier uses our CANARY® detection technology to screen for pathogens in liquid and powder samples. The Navigator platform is ideal for users who need rapid, accurate results, and need to run high volumes of samples. The Navigator is equipped with technology to analyze up to 96 samples at a time, meaning you can spend less time testing your products.




Breakthrough Capabilities

The PathSensors Navigator works seamlessly with PathSensors’ entire libraryof high sensitivity biosensors with test applications in biodefense, agriculture,food safety, emerging disease and more. With the 96-well plate, users have access to high-volume analysis combined with accuracy and rapid, easy-to-read results. The Navigator is versatile and can be configured for use on a lab bench or in the field.

– Bench top and mobile lab capabilities

– Low operational and maintenance costs

– Easy to use and decontaminate

– Proven Technology

– PCR levels of sensitivity and specificity

– Low false-alarm rates

– Compact and lightweight design



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